Music Video Promotion

Music Video Promotion

Music has been our passion for over 15 years. Our company’s founders have been involved with music video promotion since 2007 with services that included TuneSeed and SoManyMp3s. While those companies focused on specific platform services like MySpace and YouTube, Castella Media Group is focusing on all aspects of music video promotion.

Quality Over Quantity

Our concern towards quantity is significantly different from most music video promoters. We do not like seeing thousands of views on videos with virtually no interactions on them. How can someone have 100,000s of views on YouTube and around 50 comments in total? There is something wrong with that kind of campaign (most likely the fact that the views are fake or forced.) There will be no long-term growth for the artist with “focus on more views” type of campaigns. This is the reason why we mainly focus on engagements, and engagements will only come with properly targeted ads. 

Music Video Shoot

We focus on engagements from the audience – not just views

The Right Audience

Every music video is unique and has a specific audience for it. As certified Google Ads experts, we utilize the proper targeting techniques to reach an engaging audience via Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other ad publishers. Our goals are to reach an engaging audience that interacts with the video and create a fan base for the artist. This can only be done by targeting the right audience for the video.

We specialize in hip hop and pop music videos

Our Ways Of Music Video Promotion

When Castella Media promotes a music video, we do not just promote your video but your whole music brand across all of your channels. Although we focus on bringing more engagements on YouTube, we also cover and build awareness on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Spotify. We advertise on each platform for maximum exposure including our own built landing pages. All of our efforts come together to build the artist – not just the video.

Reporting & Dashboards

We help you track your music video promotion campaign with customized Google Data dashboards, that you can track virtually in realtime. 

Music Video Shoot
Castella Media

Contact us and tell us about your video. Please note that our music video promotion service campaigns start at $1,000. If this is out of your budget, please check back another time.