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Castella Media Group (a rebrand of Likeable Company Media, Inc) is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on the promotion of local businesses, social media brands, and music videos online. We have a deep understanding of current technological trends and people who utilize this technology. This understanding is essential to target and reach an engaging audience on digital advertising channels. Our combined experience allows us to tailor each campaign to maximize engagements and drive your brand’s growth.

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Music has been our founders’ specialty for almost twenty years. From audio and music video production to promotion, we’ve been involved heavily with every aspect of it. Our music promotion strategies are constantly evolving since we transitioned from MP3 leaks to streaming. We are your long-term planners who specialize in everything digital including:

Promotion of YouTube Music Videos and Song Covers & Remixes

We provide targeted promotional services for music videos on YouTube, aiming to enhance visibility and audience engagement.

Our focus is on building sustainable, long-term digital strategies for musicians. We work towards developing a strong online presence, growing an active fan base, and establishing name recognition in the digital space. Castella Media Group offers comprehensive support in navigating the digital aspects of music promotion.

Our strategies include leveraging our TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels influencers & creators to increase the use of your music, thereby extending your song’s reach on these platforms. By carefully matching your tracks with creators whose audiences resonate with your genre, we ensure authentic visibility. This approach not only spotlights your music within diverse digital communities but also stimulates interaction, amplifying your presence.

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Our expertise extends beyond the music industry. We apply the same creativity and digital prowess to propel businesses of all sizes. Discover how our tailored business services can elevate your brand in the digital realm.

For Brand-New Brands

We specialize in establishing an online presence for new brands allowing potential customers to discover its products or services. No business is too small for us to take on – local or online. As a full-service digital marketing agency – we develop & maintain websites, handle search engine optimization, create PPC marketing campaigns, and more. Let’s build something new and exciting.

For Established Businesses

Our goal is simple – to make you a life-long client. Thus, we aim to let your established business grow and maintain momentum. We will design the strategy and be the voice of your brand, while your business will focus on the most important thing – your customers.

While we excel in fostering business growth, our digital marketing expertise also shines in the dynamic world of YouTube. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, or content creator, our YouTube channel promotion services are designed to amplify your digital presence.

Video & Channel Promotion

We specialize in tailored YouTube channel promotion, ensuring your content reaches the right audience. Our approach is versatile and effective, catering to a diverse range of channels – whether it’s gaming, business, family vlogs, or any other genre. With our expertise, your YouTube channel will not only reach more viewers but will also engage them effectively, fostering a growing and active community around your content.