TikTok Promotion – Live Case Study

Update for 2024: Since we do not disclose our music clients, we lack case studies involving actual clients. However, we have conducted a case study on our own sound early last year. The objective was to achieve worldwide reach, allowing anyone and everyone to participate. Currently, our focus has shifted towards aligning the vibe of the song with the creators. For instance, if there’s an R&B song, we would collaborate with creators who typically feature R&B songs in their posts. Similarly, for rock or metal songs, we partner with creators who are known for their content that resonates with the rock and metal genres, ensuring the music reaches the right audience and creates the desired impact.

Note: Case Study was conducted by Russ Castella – president of the Castella Media Group. It ran between April – August 2023. This sound is no longer promoted.

In this live case study, I delve into the realm of TikTok sound promotion, exploring how musicians have successfully utilized the platform’s audio features to enhance their artist visibility, engagement, and overall music marketing strategy. TikTok has emerged as a global sensation, boasting over a billion active users and offering a unique opportunity for musicians to reach and connect with a vast audience. I examine our own TikTok sound promotion campaign to highlight the impact and effectiveness of this approach.

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I made this remix (“Shattered Glass”) fifteen years ago. It blew up for a little bit and since have pretty much forgotten about. No one really knows about it anymore, but with the power of TikTok – I can try to try to revive it again, and perhaps make it popular again.

I sped up the song and posted a video using that sound on TikTok. It is the easiest platform to make songs go viral, and the best way to do that is to get y users to use the song in their TikTok videos. The more people use the song in their videos, the more people will hear it. With the right song, more and more people may use the song in their videos as well – giving it a chance to go viral.

All of the TikTok users we work with are real people who post personal videos on a regular basis. They don’t spam and are just using the song to make videos with. This process indirectly promotes the song. 

With this particular ongoing campaign, we want to target people from all over the world with 100+ followers. However, with our TikTok Sound Promotion service, you can target users based on the country the live in, amount of followers they have, and genre of music that fits best with your campaign goals.

Current Campaign Stats

Campaign Videos
Campaign Views
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Campaign Likes
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Campaign Performance

Follow the performance for this campaign. The overall goal is to increase the blue area – which indicates the organic growth between the campaign videos and videos that are made outside of the campaign. Essentially, the blue area shows people who heard the song through the campaign videos and decided to create a video using the song.

Campaign videos and overall total videos on TikTok that use this sound.

Castella Media Group - TikTok Caste Study Trendpop

Views from campaign videos and overall views from all videos on TikTok that use this sound. [Source: TrendPop]

According to Trendpop, the sound already garnered over 26,600,000 content views. One of the videos that came from outside of our promotion has 21,000,000 views. It’s most likely that they noticed the song from a promoted video and decided to use it in their own video. 

This campaign ended in August 2023.