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TikTok Influencer Music Promotion

Are you looking for a powerful way to promote your music to a massive audience? Look no further than TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform of our time. With our TikTok Influencer Music Promotion Service, you can harness the power of TikTok’s influencers to get your music heard by thousands of people.

Our TikTok service connects you with the relevant TikTok users & influencers in your genre, who will create fun and engaging videos featuring your music. These videos could be shared with their followings, driving streams, interest, and social media buzz for your music.

This service complements our YouTube Shorts Influencer Music Promotion & Instagram Reels Influencers Song Promotion by focusing on the creation of TikTok videos instead. If you’re looking to only promote your music video, please see Music Video Promotion.

TikTok Influencer of Castella Media Group

Increased Exposure

With TikTok’s enormous user base and the followings of our influencers, your music can be seen and heard by many people around the world.

Targeted Promotion

We’ll promote your music with influencers in your genre ensuring that your music reaches the right audience.

Creating a Buzz

TikTok videos have the greatest potential to go viral, creating a huge buzz for your music on social media. 

Affordable Campaigns

We work with all types of influencers with 250+ followers. Our campaigns start at $50.

How it Works

01. Supply us with the TikTok sound that you’d like to promote.

02. We reach out to TikTok influencers & creators and ask them to use your sound in their videos. We ensure that they fit the vibe of your music. 

03. If they vibe with the song, our TikTok influencers will post videos using the promoted sound, and we will pay them out.

04. As campaigns run 1-4 weeks, we compile data on views, likes, and shares that these videos achieve in a unified campaign report.

05. (Optional) Targeted Expansion of Top Picks: We will handpick the best user-generated videos from the campaign, focusing on those that best align with the theme of your song and have the potential to amplify its reach. These selected videos can then be promoted through additional advertising efforts, extending their visibility beyond the original influencer’s following and targeting audiences primed for your song’s success on TikTok.

TikTok Influencer of Castella Media Group

Live Case Study

We’re running our own live case study. Read up on campaign info and follow the progress:

TikTok Sound Promotion Case Study


Music promotion using TikTok influencers typically involves partnering with TikTok users who have some following and influence within a particular niche or demographic. These influencers create videos featuring your music and share them with their followers, which can help to increase your exposure, drive engagement, and generate streams and sales for your music.

You will provide us with a track or selection of tracks to use in TikTok users’ videos, along with any guidelines or parameters for the content they create. In exchange, the influencers will create and share a set number of videos featuring your music over a set period of time.

The success of the campaign will depend on a variety of factors, including the quality of your music, the targeting and messaging of your campaign, the creativity and engagement of the influencer’s content, and the level of engagement and interest from the influencer’s audience.

We find and select TikTok users ourselves. We do all of the matching, communication, and payments with participating TikTok users. We use the song to find the right users that would typically “jam” or “vibe” to the promoted song based on the songs they currently use in their videos. 

Our TikTok user base consists of various ethnicities, genders, interests, countries, amount of followers (100+), etc. They all constantly post personal videos and are active on TikTok. We do not work with TikTok accounts that post memes, copyrighted materials, or spammy videos. You can expect natural and personal user generated content with our campaigns.

We work with influencers residing all over the world. Targeting by country will require a custom campaign that is not offered by default on our website. Contact us for more info.

Targeting your promotion campaign by countries will affect the total amount of videos. For example, it’s much more expensive to use only USA influencers compared to Latin American countries. You’re welcome to focus your campaigns on (in order of most expensive to least per video) :

  • USA Only
  • USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia
  • European Countries
  • African Countries
  • South American Countries
  • Asian Countries

Yes, but we automatically do this! You can target your campaign by:

  • Any genre
  • Hip Hop / R&B
  • Top 40 / Pop
  • Alternative / Rock
  • EDM / Dance Music
  • Country Music

We don’t really like to complicate things for the TikTok users. We usually ask them to vibe to the song for at least 15 seconds. In most videos, they’re just doing what they usually do – “Get ready with me” makeup, spending time with kids, quick vlogs, trying on different outfits, or showing their daily activities. Their followers are following them for a reason, and we’d like them to stay in their niche as they promote your song.

You can certainly ask for specific directions, but that would require a higher cost per video. Contact us for a custom campaign.

Yes, we provide reports with acquired videos, views, likes, comments, and more. 

It may take us 1 to 4 weeks to reach the campaign goals. In some cases, it may take longer. It will depend on the appeal factor of the song. Our creators are not forced to create videos, so they will disregard offers from songs that they don’t like. 

Even though the campaign may be over, the song may continually gain views and attention.

At the moment, our minimum campaign budget is $50.

Yes, campaign videos are intended to be permanent in creators’ profiles. However, it’s important to note that there may be instances where a creator decides to delete the video featuring your song. In such cases, we offer a replacement option. If a campaign video is removed within 30 days of the campaign, we will promptly replace it with a different creator’s video to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of your promotion.

Only if you want to. You can renew (we do not automatically renew campaigns) your campaign multiple times, and you will have new influencers making videos to your song. We work with thousands of creators!

We ran a case study in 2023 on our sound. You can read more at TikTok Sound Promotion Case Study

We’re always looking for new influencers to work with. You can learn more here.

Create a Campaign

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Each campaign requires pre-approval. Please submit your information for campaign consideration. Contact us if you have any questions.

TikTok Influencer Campaign

Utilize our TikTok Influencer service to feature your music in creative content by our TikTok creators, amplifying your song’s reach.

Once we have listened to the song and reviewed your information, we will email you further details on how to proceed with the campaign.

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