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We love the NAFO organization and support Ukraine wholeheartedly. Here are some cool Ukrainian tunes you should add to your playlist.
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I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in USSR days. I lived in Russian Federation since its birth until 1995. I started my education there. I made friends there. I have family members who still live there. It pains me to see what Russia has become. I’m absolutely against Putin’s regime and the war being waged with Ukraine. Now as US citizens, we shall stand with and fight for Ukraine, until it’s completely free from Russia’s genocidal grasp. 

We also support NAFO – North Atlantic Fellas Organization & Saint Javelin. Please consider buying something from there, as they help Ukraine by donating profits from sales.

Fellas, I’m compiling a list of Ukrainian songs and music videos that you should definitely have in your playlist. This list will be updated indefinitely. Also, I’ve been very active on Twitter, but since Elon takeover, I might find a new home somewhere else. Maybe Mastodon. In any case, on to the tunes 🙂

Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

Winner for Eurovision Song Contest 2022, written by Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra. This song describes the hardships of the writer’s mother as she raised him. However, after the Russian invasion, the context applied to all mothers in Ukraine as they had to save their children from unjust gruesome devastation. The video was shot in the outskirts of Kyiv after Russians withdrew from the area. I personally cannot watch this video through without tearing up each time.


OK, get ready for this tune to be permanently stuck in your brains. You probably heard this song in some Ukrainian war videos circulating online. In essence, the lyrics are directed to Russian soldiers who are occupying Ukrainian lands – telling them to get their bodybags ready (as per my interpretation), and that there’s no point of running when the s*it hits the fan for them. Masha Kondratenko has lot more bangers on her channel. It’s an incredibly addicting song. I usually play it 10 times back to back. Shoot this song into my veins. 😮‍💨


A certified hood classic for NAFO fellas. There is no way that you haven’t heard this one yet! Dobroho Vechora (translated: “Good Evening”) should be in your daily lexicon no matter where you’re from! I recently rewatched The Game of Thrones and recognized the sample this song used from Dothraki scenes. Each time I heard that horn sample in the show, I smiled and said the full line – “Dobroho vechora, mi iz Ukraini” (Good evening, we are from Ukraine).


This song is a revenge anthem for every city and village bombed by Russians in Ukraine. Skofka recites each location in Ukraine that the Russians will pay for. You can feel the anger, valiance, and dedication for payback for every bomb, bullet, and drop of spilled blood.

Макс Барских — Буде весна

Another excellent ballad from Max Barskih. It starts off describing how devastating it is in Ukraine fighting against Russian occupation.  But it goes on to saying that the spring is coming and that “Ukraine will not break. Ukraine will stay forever. Ukraine is our land. Ukraine is united in hearts.”  I used this song in my animation of sinking of Russian warship Moskva in the  classic “Idi Na Huy” painting. 

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DJ Zavala, DMNTED - F**k You Putin (Welcome to Ukraine)

Absolute banger! I’m not sure, if the talking sample in the verses is from somewhere else, but I recognize the “Ne tak, Ne Tak, Welcome to Ukraine, suka!” from a Ukrainian war video where it looks like a group of Ukrainians ambushed a Russian column and joked around on how they welcome them t0 Ukraine.

MAX BARSKIH - Don't F@ck With Ukraine

A great hype song by Max Barskih! No translation needed, as this is in English. I can only imagine Biden calling Putin days before the invasion and saying this.

100лиця & Skylerr - Вечорниці (Добрий день everybody)

Song about the women on Ukraine, as well as some partying with them. After Dobroho vechora (You should know what that means by now!), we have Dobry Den’ (Good Day / Afternoon)


More info about this song coming soon.

Тарас Боровок – Байрактар (Tara Borovok - Bayraktar)

More info about this song coming soon.

Again, please consider buying something from, as they help Ukraine by donating profits and buying much needed supplies.