Jenny Babas

Jenny Babas, a dynamic presence in the world of entertainment, blends her talents as a model, comedian, and influencer to captivate audiences across various social media platforms. With a substantial following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, Jenny has carved a niche for herself with her hilarious videos and notable appearances in music videos.

Jenny and her management team approached us with a clear vision: they wanted to create an online hub, not just as an extension of her digital persona but also as a commercial platform. The goal was to launch a website that would not only showcase Jenny’s creative work but also feature a storefront for her exclusive merchandise.

Understanding the essence of Jenny’s brand and her audience’s expectations, we crafted This website is a seamless blend of style and functionality, mirroring Jenny’s vibrant personality and creative flair.

We created just for that. Check it out!

Jenny Babas Logo


Some of the shirts we created for Jenny Babas.