Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Castella Media Group is a digital marketing agency located in Lansdale PA (Philadelphia) that utilizes efficient and cost-effective Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategies to grow brands. Whether you’re looking to increase customer traffic, generate leads, or build brand awareness – we can help!

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

As the name suggests, you display an ad to potential customers who are interested in your keywords, and you only pay when they click on it (or tap for mobile.) Pay Per Click marketing is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to a website. The benefits of pay per click are that you may see immediate returns on your ad investment.

We mainly utilize Google Ads and Facebook Ads for our PPC campaigns. Every major brand runs a PPC campaign, but it can be effective for any size business!

How Does PPC Work?

Pay per click works like an auction on various platforms types – Google Ad Search, Video, Shopping, etc. To simplify – you set a max price that you’re willing to pay per click. If you have the highest bid, then your ad will show at the top. Lower bids will show up below. It gets more complicated with other Ad Rank considerations because Google doesn’t want to serve irrelevant ads to its users.

Should I try PPC Campaigns?

It depends on your business model, but you should absolutely try some form of PPC. The beauty with Google & Facebook Ads is that you don’t need a pay per click marketing firm at all. You can set up a Google Ads account, try a small daily budget, measure your results, and scale up your efforts. Once you start tracking some results, you can find ways to optimize and keep scaling up. This is exactly how we manage our clients’ campaigns, especially small businesses with minimal ad budgets. Test, analyze, optimize, test some more, analyze, tweak, and keep tweaking. 

Overspent PPC Budgets

It’s obviously not that easy to manage your own campaigns. There are countless of horror stories online about Google Ads monthly budgets being accidentally blown through within hours. Be careful in setting your own max click bids and daily budgets. One small accidental bid change can destroy your whole budget.

Please note that Google Ads “daily budget” can now be officially overspent, as it’s no longer a ceiling on max spend per day. We’re not sure what genius at Google Ads thought it was a great idea to implement. Don’t freak out, if it happens to you, as the daily spent will average out throughout the month.

Our PPC Management Service

We do some form of minimal PPC test campaigns with our comprehensive business web package. We can be hired as PPC consultants and manage your advertising campaigns with our pay per click services. Our goal is not to maximize your cost but to maximize your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend.) We are certified Google Ads specialists that can:

  • Set up new PPC campaigns for you to manage yourself
  • Audit and analyze your current PPC strategy and find ways where we can make it more effective
  • Set up Google Analytics and tags with Google Tag Manager
  • Manually manage click bids
  • Set up remarketing (targeting people who already engaged with your website before)
  • Optimize campaigns using analytical data