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YouTube Shorts Influencer Music Promotion

YouTube’s recent emphasis on Shorts has created a rapidly expanding arena for bite-sized, viral content. With our YouTube Shorts Influencer Music Promotion Service, you can leverage the vast reach of YouTube’s creator community to highlight your tracks. We connect you with YouTube content creators who craft engaging Shorts featuring your music. As an increasing number of individuals use your music in their Shorts, the potential to drive streams, spark interest, and generate powerful social media momentum for your music grows.

This service complements our TikTok Influencer and Instagram Reels Song Promotion by focusing on the creation of YouTube Shorts instead. If you’re looking to only promote your music video, please see Music Video Promotion.

Why YouTube Shorts?

Promoting your music through YouTube Shorts is an effective strategy because when creators use your sound in their content, it naturally piques the interest of viewers. This is especially powerful on YouTube, where Shorts sounds are directly linked to the original video, potentially driving traffic and interest to your full music video. Additionally, YouTube prominently displays when people are “remixing” your sound, offering a unique form of engagement that highlights the popularity of your track and encourages more creators to join in on the trend. This cycle of interaction and visibility can significantly boost engagement and interest in your music.

Targeted Promotion

We’ll align your music with influencers who specialize in your genre positioning your tracks before an ideal audience.

Affordable Campaigns

Our collaborations range across influencers of all sizes, from those with 100 subscribers to those boasting 10,000+. Campaigns begin at $50.

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YouTube Influencer of Castella Media Group

How it Works

01. Supply us with the YouTube music video (or audio) URL that you’d like to promote.

02. We reach out to our  YouTube users and ask them to use your sound in their videos for compensation. 

03. YouTube users create and post videos using the sound from your music video. The sound links to your official music video on YouTube.

04. We compile data on views, likes, and shares that these videos achieve in a unified campaign dashboard.


Promoting your music through YouTube Shorts entails collaboration with our YouTube creators. These creators will create personal YouTube Shorts that incorporate your promoted music video, disseminating them to their expansive subscriber base. All of the Shorts will have a sound link back to the original source – your music on YouTube. This approach amplifies your reach, fosters audience engagement, and has the potential to boost streams for your song or music video.

For this promotional venture, you’ll supply us with the music video link that you wish to feature. In reciprocation, these creators agree to generate and publish a specified number of Shorts that include your music within a predetermined time frame. Once we verify the quality of their video, we pay them out.

The effectiveness of this promotional effort will be influenced by multiple elements: the appeal of your tracks, the strategic planning behind your campaign, the creators’ inventive execution, and the responsiveness and enthusiasm of their subscriber base.

We find and select YouTube users ourselves. We do all of the matching, communication, and payments with participating YouTube users.

Our community of YouTube creators is diverse, spanning various ethnic backgrounds, genders, interests, and nationalities, with each boasting a subscriber count of over 100. These creators are consistently active, regularly uploading personal videos to their channels. We maintain a policy of not collaborating with individuals who produce meme-centric, copyrighted, or low-quality spam content.

Not at this time. Our creators are from all over the world.

Yes, we’ll do our best matching the right users with the promoted song. For example, Anna (pictured at the top of this the page) will get a pitch from us promoting alternative / rock / metal songs. While Carla (also pictured in this page) – Pop songs.

We usually ask our creators to vibe to the song for at least 15 seconds. In most videos, they’re just doing what they usually do – “Get ready with me” makeup, spending time with kids, trying on different outfits, or showing their daily activities. Their subscribers are following them for a reason, and we’d like them to stay in their niche as they use and promote your song.

Yes, we provide an analytics dashboard with acquired videos, views, likes, comments, and more. 

It may take us 3 days to 4 weeks to reach the campaign goals. Even though the campaign may be over, the song may continually gain views and attention.

At the moment, our minimum campaign budget is $50.

Yes, campaign video shorts are intended to be permanent in creators’ YouTube channels. However, it’s important to note that there may be instances where a creator decides to delete the video featuring your song. In such cases, we offer a replacement option. If a campaign video is removed within 30 days of the campaign, we will promptly replace it with a different creator’s video to ensure the continuity and effectiveness of your promotion.

Only if you want to. You can renew (we do not automatically renew campaigns) your campaign multiple times, and you will have new influencers making videos to your song. We work with thousands of creators on YouTube!

We’re always looking for new influencers to work with. You can learn more here.

Create a Campaign

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Use the forms below to set up a campaign for your promotion. The campaign will start within 48 hours. You will receive an activation email with analytics login. Our campaigns do not automatically renew. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Get YouTube users to feature your music in their Shorts, enhancing your song’s reach and engagement on this rapidly growing platform.

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