YouTube Channel Promotion

How can you promote your YouTube Channel? YouTube video marketing can be challenging. There are many services out there that offer YouTube promotion services with subscribers, comments, and views. They’re okay for increasing artificial counts, but there are no long-term benefits for your brand. In fact, they could actually tarnish your brand due to YouTube penalties for manipulation. You get what you paid for. To avoid that, your YouTube channel should be reaching real people and attracting viewers who actually engage with your videos. With our YouTube channel promotion help, you can be seen and be able to bring the right audience to your content.

Let’s grow you channel together!

Are you looking to promote a music video on YouTube?

The Right Audience

Castella Media Group can help you reach the people who are interested in what you’re showcasing in your YouTube channel and videos. We can reach fans of Drake, makeup gurus, video gamers, and everyone in between.

Location Targeting

Choose, or let us choose, who want to see your videos based on their locations. We are able to target virtually any country, state, or city with our YouTube video promotion.

YouTube Insights

YouTube analytics will be able to show your channel performance statistics and understand who is watching your videos and how they engage with them. In addition, we provide Google data studio dashboards that track your videos and the viewers that we reach.

How We Promote YouTube Channels


We start by treating your whole channel as an actual brand. It doesn’t matter if your channel’s content is about casual gaming or try-on hauls – your whole channel is a brand name. We then focus on creating an online presence for your brand so it would grow organicly. We set you up with a website (your own .com, email address for business inquiries, and link all of your social media profiles). We feature the videos in the site sending social signals to YouTube. We can even help you set up and design your own merch. The results from these efforts are not immediate. It is a longterm process that will take months to establish.

Your .Com EMAIL

Since we set up your own .com, it also comes with a website email address that can be used for your business purposes. For example – if your website is, then your email address can be or

YouTube Video Advertising


Paid video ads is an effective way of driving viewers to YouTube videos. These viewers are not organic, but they show interest in the content that you offer. We hone in on keywords worth targeting and start optimizing for search engine visibility. We run and test ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, IG Ads) to your videos to see what works and how we can optimize for growth and engagements. 

Type of Channels we can promote

Video content must be family-friendly. Channel content must be unique. You must own your video content (No “Top Tik Tok videos” or “Top IG Reels” type compilations.) No profanity or sexual suggestive content allowed. No politically charged topics. Contact us for more info.

Will I get Brand Deals?

There is no guaranteed way for us to ensure your YouTube success with brand deals. To attract serious brand deals and sponsors, you’ll need to be serious about your content. Your channel is a business, and it will take both of our brand’s dedication to make your channel grow – your dedication with awesome content and our dedication with awesome marketing.

Create a Campaign

Ready to Start?

Each campaign requires pre-approval. Please submit your information for campaign consideration. Contact us if you have any questions.

YouTube Channel Promotion

Promote any type of YouTube video, from business and vlogs to gaming, with our versatile ad service tailored for diverse channels.

Once we review your YouTube channel, we will email you further details on how to proceed with the campaign.