Why Is SEO Important for Business Owners Focusing on Offline Marketing?

Digital marketing is more popular than ever now, and everything shows that it may become even more important in the future. The reason for it is how helpful it can be for business owners and marketing teams all over the world.

However, many people -especially older business owners- don’t understand how helpful it can be to learn more about SEO and digital marketing in general. Therefore, they stick with the old offline marketing strategies they know. 

Offline marketing can help you in many ways, but it’s essential to know how important eCommerce is, so read on to know what makes SEO that important nowadays!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and, in a nutshell, it represents all the strategies and tools you can use to make your content rank higher on search engines. 

However, it’s difficult to understand that if you don’t know how search engines work. The most famous of them all is Google’s search engine, which is also the one people care the most about.

Ranking higher on Google’s search engine means that your website is at the top of web results when someone makes a Google search.

Although many people understand the importance of digital marketing, they don’t fully get how search engines work. On a basic basis, your content goes through and gets studied by Google’s algorithm as soon as you publish it. 

Google’s algorithm decides where your website goes depending on factors such as keywords, pictures, and content writing. If your content is optimized, it’s going to be on the first page or even at the top of the page. Otherwise, you are going to get the follow-up pages.

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How Can SEO Help Me?

Almost everyone in the world does tons of Google searches daily, even for minimal things. We are used to using Google as a reliable source of information. However, when you make a Google search, do you pick the first results you get or go past the second or third page? 

The answer to that question is what tells you how much SEO can help you. Most people don’t even read the results below the three first ones, so it’s almost impossible for you to get readers and clients if you don’t focus on SEO. 

Imagine you are a business owner in Philadelphia, PA, and you start your business at the same time as one of your competitors. 

You offer the same products, but the difference between both companies is you don’t care about SEO and only focus on offline marketing while your competitor invests a lot of time and funds in top-notch optimization for its website. 

Your offline marketing strategies are helpful when reaching your local community and people close to you. Therefore, your business is going to have more revenue than others in the first days or months of running it. 

However, since you didn’t want to focus on online marketing, it’s difficult for people outside of your area or county to know your products. Your competitor, on the other hand, got to the top of the Google results page, so leads get to their business whenever people look for the services you offer.

Thanks to that, your competitor’s business gets tons of customers all over the U.S. That gives them the chance to expand their business internationally and get tons of money in revenue while you are only known by a few people in your city. 

While that’s an over-the-top situation, it’s something that could perfectly happen to someone that doesn’t give any attention to search optimization marketing. Even if it’s not the main thing you worry about when working, it’s something you should consider when running a business. 

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Digital Marketing VS Offline Marketing

You must know that we don’t mean that physical and offline marketing is a bad thing since you need to invest some funds in it too. However, it’s not a matter of deciding between one or the other but rather using both to make your business expand faster.

Offline marketing helps you with smaller communities and an older target audience since they are not that used to digital marketing strategies and are closer to physical communication channels. These marketing strategies are also good for local service businesses. 

Search optimization marketing, on the other hand, is better for the long term since it allows you to get to people outside your city and state. Take into account that people all over the world can read your page if they want to, so it’s perfect for people looking forward to having big companies at the top of search results. 

Bottom Line

Internet connects us all, and that helps businesses get to more people easily. Nonetheless, it’s normal for older business owners and people not-so-used to technology to not understand digital marketing strategies. 

Therefore, they should hire a digital marketing agency that explains everything to them. You could also send them this page to help them understand everything in a better way.