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Castella Media Group is a SEO specialist located in Lansdale PA that provides services to business clients across Philadelphia region. We use RankMath SEO WordPress plugin for all of our clients and highly recommend the plugin for small business needs as part of our Business Web Tools recommendations.

As you may be aware, Rank Math is a plugin that aids in the ranking of your website. You can use Rank Math to assess the performance of your website.

Your keyword rankings can be measured and analyzed thoroughly with this app. If you use any other SEO tools, you can easily input Rank Math. This application is compatible with WordPress as well as any other editor.

Many things hinder your website’s performance while working on SEO, but Rank Math can quickly discover problems based on unknown elements that are slowing down your site’s performance.

Rank Math can help you work efficiently by eliminating repetitive tasks and optimizing your content to help your website rank higher for that specific topic.

Thus, if you want to set up a Rank Math plugin in WordPress, the step-by-step setup and configuration wizard can make it simple. When you install Rank Math, it can check your site’s parameters and suggest the ideal placements.

What Is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that assists in the achievement of a high-quality standard for a website and SEO rating. This WordPress plugin can help you figure out what’s wrong with a keyword you’re trying to rank for in your website’s content.

The app focuses mostly on its On-Page SEO. It handles most on-page SEO techniques, both basic and advanced. When you begin producing material for your web page or blog, you’re given the option of including your chosen keyword. Your content should be reviewed after the keyword insertion, and Rank Math can identify what’s correct and what needs to be improved.


Rank Math includes several features that are incredibly useful; the following are some of the most important ones that you might obtain if you use it:

  • You can alter and edit meta titles, Meta descriptions, and other snippets.
  • You have the option of entering up to five selected keywords.
  • When you type keywords into the targeted keywords box, it suggests long-tail keywords for you to use.
  • It analyzes whether the targeted keywords are included in the page title, Meta description, URL, and throughout the text as part of your On-Page SEO.
  • It guarantees that the keywords meet the criteria used to determine the search engine’s ranking.
  • It indicates if the blog post lacks internal and external linking.
  • It analyzes the keyword density for the selected keyword.
  • It assesses the readability of the title, pointing out whether any changes are needed to improve the title. It also analyzes the readability of the content.
  • It suggests including a table of contents in your blog post, which Google also recommends.

Rank Math Benefits

We use Rank Math for our clients because of these advantages:

Google Keyword Suggestions

The emphasis keyword field in Rank Math can simply be turned into a keyword research tool.

When we link our website to our Google account, we see keyword ideas from Google as soon as we start typing our main keyword.

Google’s keyword suggestions help us figure out what keywords people are searching for using similar terms to the one we typed. We use this information to boost our reach by targeting our content for more keywords.

Free Content AI Credits

Rank Math’s Content AI may be used to analyze keywords, and the AI system can then make recommendations based on what is currently ranking for that term, such as how many words, links, headings, and media we should use in our content.

Google Analytics Integration

We could connect the Rank Math SEO plugin with our Google Account once we created a free Rank Math account, which is required to access the advanced Analytics section within Rank Math.

Furthermore, Rank Math downloaded the Analytics code on our websites without the need for a third-party plugin.

Structured Data

Google needs to understand what is on your website. It also needs to know what information is important to display in the search results. All of this can be done with Schema (Structured Data). Rank Math lets you easily edit and add rich snippets. You should do this for every web page.

How to Download Rank Math?

There are two methods for downloading Rank Math. You can do it via WordPress by looking for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, or you can go to the Rank Math website and download it there as well.

Rank Math is the best in the business. You should start using it right now to improve the performance and optimization of your website.


Rank Math SEO plugin is included in our Comprehensive Business Web Services package for our clients. You can have access to all these rich and powerful features on your own website without our help. There are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel at any moment, which is convenient for those who are looking to try out other things as well.


Perfect For Bloggers, Individuals & Solopreneurs

$59/ year

Unlimited Personal Websites

Track 500 Keywords
Image SEO
Local SEO
WooCommerce SEO
Schema Generator
24/7 Support


$0 – for basic features, but still powerful! A must-have.


$59/year – Everything you’ll need for SEO!


$199/year – Design for agencies that works with multiple clients (like us).


$499/year – Designed for agencies with over 100 clients.


Rank Math is an all-in-one Search Engine Optimization WordPress plugin that is used to optimize your site in the best of ways for improved and higher search engine rankings, which can often translate to more sales or visits to your website.

It features a variety of plans to choose from, depending on your type and size of business.

We’ve reached the end of our Rank Math review, and we hope that this post has given you a good understanding of why Rank Math is the finest SEO plugin for your WordPress website.

Download RankMath Plugin

You can get started with the plugin at RankMath.com

Disclaimer: Castella Media Group is an affiliate of Rank Math.