Neil Angevine

Discover Neil Angevine: LA’s top Personal Trainer & Stuntman. Transform your life with his expert fitness & nutrition coaching. #FitnessGuru

At Castella Media Group, we’re thrilled to showcase our latest project: a dynamic website for Los Angeles-based personal trainer, actor, and stuntman, Neil Angevine. Neil, a University of Missouri alumnus with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship, is not just any fitness coach. He’s a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Precision Nutrition, and his journey from St. Louis, Missouri, to Hollywood is nothing short of inspiring.

Neil Angevine Logo

Mentored by the renowned Eric the Trainer, Neil has worked alongside elite celebrity trainers, mastering a spectrum of techniques to deliver exceptional results to his diverse clientele. His expertise isn’t limited to just physical training; Neil’s holistic approach encompasses both fitness and nutrition, ensuring sustainable habits and long-lasting results. Known for preparing actors for demanding roles in productions like “13 Reasons Why” and “American Crime Story: Impeachment,” Neil’s unique blend of industry knowledge and fitness acumen makes him a sought-after figure in the entertainment world. In addition, Neil works close with our other client, Alec Penix.

Our team at Castella Media Group has meticulously designed his website to reflect Neil’s vibrant and multifaceted career. Interactive, user-friendly, and visually striking, the website mirrors Neil’s dedication and commitment to fitness and wellness. It’s a digital platform that not only highlights his services and success stories but also serves as a testament to his philosophy: being ready for life’s opportunities and taking the lead with confidence and health. Visit Neil’s website to discover how he can help you take the lead in your life!