Google Data Studio Reporting

Castella Media Group utilizes Google Data Studio for creating and managing reports for clients. As we have heard before, Google is taking a risk on data visualization and is investing in tools like Data Studio to let users create tools for data analysis. Let’s take a look at Google Data Studio, one of Google’s tools for data visualization, and learn how you can use it, the features, and the benefits it has.

What is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a new, free, limited-release tool built by Google. It is a new tool that is part of the Google Cloud Platform aimed at data analysts and data scientists. It is a powerful tool for creating, exploring, and presenting data.

When you have a lot of data, it can be hard to understand what your data means. It can also be difficult to find information and deadlines in all of your spreadsheets.  And, while you’re at it, what to do with all this data.  If you’re in a small business, you may not have enough resources to spend on a data analyst, so what should you do?  Use Google Data Studio.

This tool will help you turn raw data into clear, concise stories if you write data-driven blog posts. It’s also a powerful way to engage with your audience —give them real-time visualizations of their data, and they’re more likely to share your articles and stick around.

Google Data Studio Features

At Google’s recent Google Next conference, the company announced Google Data Studio. This new software product lets you create, share, and analyze complex data visualizations from your Google Drive data. Here are some of the top features that you can expect in this tool:

  1. Add data enables you to add or import the data that you want and start visualizing it right away.
  2. Data control gives your viewers the chance to select which relevant data they want to see in this particular report.
  3. Blend data add in data to blend in with your latest data.
  4. Filter control enables your viewers to apply filters to the table’s field.
  5. Add charts choose from a wide array of charts to add to the canvas or editing page.
  6. Adding pages add pages to report via the options found in the toolbar.
  7. Date range enables viewers to interact with data on the specific period or date range that they want to check.
  8. Sharing easily shares completed reports to various people via the share option
  9. Theme and layout too bright screen? Customize by using this feature.
  10. Edit vs. view enables you, the creator, to preview the report you are working on.


So, working on data for your reports will never be too stressful by using these features.

Google Data Studio Benefits

Google Data Studio is a new tool in the Google Cloud Platform that is designed to make it easy for anyone to create interactive reports and dashboards that can be shared with the world. Google Data Studio is included in the Google Analytics account, and you can use it directly to build reports and dashboards. However, it is a powerful tool that can be used to create reports and dashboards that are more complex, and require more resources, than the default Google Analytics reports provided by Google.

It’s used especially by developers and non-technical teams, so anyone can create a report and edit it without having to deal with installation and configuration issues. Also, this tool allows you to perform data analysis, play with data and visualizations, share and collaborate with others, and publish on the web (G Suite, web, or YouTube).

Is Google Data Studio Worth It?

Google Data Studio is a free powerful tool for users with specific needs and goals. It is a bit tough to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, it can provide you with a lot of great insights. It is a great tool for the marketing industry if you are looking to provide the tools for your marketing team to manage their ads and analytics. It is also a good resource for developers and data-savvy professionals.

Google Data Studio Consultancy

Google Data Studio consultancy is included in our comprehensive business website services package. This package is not required. We can be hired as consultants just for Google Google Data Studio to help you create and manage your own reports.