Google Analytics 4 Consultancy

Castella Media Group is a certified Google Analytics expert at implementing and managing Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We specialize in setting up data collection, analyzing traffic, optimizing conversions, and developing custom dashboards to make it easier for you to visualize data. Every business should be tracking how well its marketing efforts are working. Google Analytics will help your business make the right decisions and to stop guessing!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free data collection platform that lets you understand what people are doing on your website. It helps you analyze visitor data and plan out adjustments to your website to improve user experience. There are two versions available – GAU (Universal) and GA4.

We are no longer using Google Analytics Universal for our clients and encourage everyone to start making the switch to Google Analytics 4. There is no reason to delay because one day Google will announce that Google Analytics Universal will be deprecated, and all widespread panic will spread. Start future-proofing your Analytics set up. Google has already “ironed out all bugs” in GA4. At least, implement GA4 property as soon as possible in conjunction with Universal. Both will not interfere with each other.

Our Google Analytics 4 Service

The setup and management of Google Analytics are included for our clients in our comprehensive business web service package. We are ready to help you with your Google Analytics needs. 


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