Blog posts about some of Castella Media Group business clients.

SS Wedding Ceremonies - Castella Media Group
We are excited to introduce our newest client, SS Wedding Ceremonies, based in Yeadon, PA. Specializing in affordable and elegant wedding services, they cater to couples in the Philadelphia area looking for intimate and memorable ceremonies.
Discover Castella Media Group's design for Project 1919 Boutique's website - a digital hub for women's fashion at 1035 W Busch Blvd, Tampa FL.
Discover Neil Angevine: LA's top Personal Trainer & Stuntman. Transform your life with his expert fitness & nutrition coaching. #FitnessGuru
We’re excited to team up with Harlem’s Hair Care in Yeadon PA. Harlem has been in hair care business for over two decades!
Our new client Paw Strokes ( is ran by artist Simon Saldarriaga who offers pet portrait painting services in Los Angeles CA and everywhere else.
Castella Media Group client - 1st Street Tech Station is an automotive electronics repair and maintenance company in Tampa, FL.
We have another great addition to our Castella Media clientele family! Alec Penix is a Wellness Coach, B.S. in Nutritional Sciences & N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer based in Los Angeles, CA.
Timothy Pumarejo is a actor and comedian in Los Angeles CA. He is popular on social networks such as Tik Tok for creating hilarious comedy skits and sketches. 
Castella Media Group design website for JL Consulting Incorporated.
Castella Media's client - Invisible Ceiling Management Group is a management company that represents athletes and individuals in media & entertainment.